Update 2021
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tiny Bubbles Administration is proud to announce that our Lead educator in our Butterfly House HOLLY BROWN has won The Minister of Education's Award of

Excellence in  Teaching  for 2021.

Holly is the only Early childhood educator representative  in our district who won this year !

Holly has been teaching in our sector as an early childhood educator for over 15 years and we are very grateful she is employed with our family run center.​

Holly is not only a highly competent educator, she is also a natural leader and child-magnet.

Holly is a beacon of positivity and a bundle of energy which her Bubbles are drawn to and we cant wait to see what else she has to bring to our learning environment. When we ask her Bubbles what classroom they are , they say "Holly's House". 

​​​​​​​​Classrooms for Children 15 Months to 5 Years

  • ​​​​​​​Sonya O'Donnell our assistant administrator and educator was honored on November 18 by the  Minister of Education of the ,Province of NB with the Minister's Excellence in Education Award at a "Gala dinner at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Fredericton. 
  • Sonya was described by the selection committee as being a "child magnet" with a gentle nature. Sonya connects with all young learners in her charge. By establishing such a report, she is able to optimize all teachable moments to encourage all learners to think creatively and independently. Parents of the children in her care trust Sonya and are confident that they are well taken care of and supported to thrive. They are loved, encouraged, challenged and supported.   
  • Sonya works with a variety of children and takes the time to understand their unique abilities and meets them at their level of learning. She is able to design personalized experiences for children that promote teamwork and success. Children arrive home each day enthusiastic to share what they have learned whether it be a new song, to put their coat on independently, or to be able to say a new French word. When asked where they learned it, the answer is always the same, "Sonya taught me that".