My name is Emily Beek

I am the staff supervisor at Tiny Bubbles.

​​I am also the lead educator in our Dino Den (4 Year olds)

I started at Ti​ny Bubbles in the Fall of 2018 as a Teachers Aid, then I became a casual and then I was hired fulltime as an educator.

I enjoy the simple country life on my farm with my boyfriend. We have pigs and cows. They start out as piglets and calf's and grow up in our fields.

I became an Educator to help shape the minds of our future generation. I really enjoy teaching all of my little Dinosaurs! 

​​​Hi My name is Sonya.

I am currently the CO-Administrator at Tiny Bubbles and I also work as lead educator in the Angel  Fish Cove room (young two year olds). I am a graduate from Saint Thomas University with a BA major in English and minor in Psychology and Math and have been in the education field for 20 years. I have been employed with NBCC, School District 18 and have been employed with Tiny Bubbles since 2012.

I love my job at Tiny Bubbles because every day is unique in its own. Working at Tiny Bubbles is very rewarding. I love watching the children grow into intelligent and independent individuals. 

Tiny Bubbles is not just my job, it's my home away from home and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

​​My Name is Holly Brown.

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I am the assistant administrator at Tiny Bubbles. I am also the lead educator in the Chicken Coop (my chicken nuggets).

In 2007 I graduated from Atlantic Business College with honours in Early Childhood Education. I've gained alot of experience and education over the 15 years that I have been in Childcare. I got into childcare because I have also had a passion to teach for as long as I can remember.

In 2020 I received the Ministers's Excellence in Education Award. This is something I could never imagine that I would receive but am proud of the work I've accomplished this far.

​​​​​​​​Classrooms for Children 15 Months to 5 Years